Effective Mattress Washing In Venice, Florida

Get rid of the hazardous dust mites in minutes

When Do You Need It? 

Have you ever heard of acari? It’s OK if the answer is no – most people haven’t. They are better known as dust mites and represent one of the most common allergic hazards in your household. 

Acari are minuscule spiders that infest soft-fiber items at home, especially furniture and mattresses. They proliferate at an astonishing rate and remain unnoticed for long periods because of their microscopic size. Dust mites release fluids that soak into the mattress and may provoke severe allergic reactions, whose symptoms may range from rashes and sore skin to running nose, cough, and even more pronounced respiratory problems.

The good news is there is no reason to panic – signs of dust-mites mattress infestation are very easy to recognize by a trained professional, and we have some of the best Venice cleaners working for us! Employing the hot water extraction method, we can thoroughly remove the spider-like mites in minutes with 100% efficiency.

If you have any doubts that your mattresses might be infested or just want to refresh them, contact us right away – we schedule appointments in Venice and the nearby residential communities seven days per week!

Why Book Veneti Maid Service For The Job?

  • Trained and experienced mattress washing technicians
  • 100% quality satisfaction guarantee – we won’t leave a single dust mite behind
  • Completely health-safe procedure
  • Quick and hassle-free service
  • Highly beneficial for your health
  • No risk of damage to your mattresses
  • Affordable pricing.

Customers Feedback

“After experiencing terrible itching and rashes for a couple of weeks, my GP advised me to have my mattress checked for dust mites. The guy from Veneti Maid Service was very patient and understanding in explaining the entire treatment – which was a feat because I was thoroughly freaked out!”

— R. Thompson, Nokomis Ave S, Venice, FL 34285

“You guys saved me so much money! I had already decided to buy a new mattress when a friend of mine mentioned your service – the best decision I’ve made in a while!”

— A. Wood, Alba St E, Venice, FL 34285

Where Can You Book Us?

You don’t live in Venice? No problem, we provide mattress cleaning in the nearby communities as well:

  • Sarasota
  • Englewood
  • North Port
  • Laurel
  • Nokomis
  • Osprey.

What Other Services Can You Book With Veneti Maid Pro?