Affordable Cleaning Services Sarasota, Fl

Faithfully serving the local community with our friendly team of cleaners

Do you have a cleaning problem on your mind? It usually means one of two things – an issue you cannot solve or a chore you hate doing. Either way, you have come to the right place! We can offer you a hassle-free solution at a competitive price!

Veneti Maid Service is a Venice-based cleaning contractor covering the entire Sarasota county and, of course, its eponymous administrative center. We serve both homeowners and local businesses, providing them with a wide array of affordable cleaning services. From mundane housekeeping chores to highly specialized professional procedures, the Veneti Maid Service technicians deliver outstanding quality of service for the money you pay!

What Cleaning Services Do We Provide?

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Cleaning Partner In Sarasota?

  • Excellent cleaning expertise
  • Powerful professional equipment
  • Hard-working and skilled technicians
  • Competitive prices and special deals for regular customers
  • Working seven days per week, all holidays included
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Completely hassle-free service and outstanding customer support

What We Stand For And Care About

High-performance standards – we sustain them for every job we take, regardless of the difficulty. When we come to your house or business premises, we look for the quickest and most efficient way to do the task while striving for high-quality and sustainable results.

Green cleaning – whenever possible, we try to limit the application of detergents in our job. Window cleaning is the perfect example – we only clean with purified water with no additional chemical-based materials. If we have to choose between easy solutions with detergents or a bit more effort without them, we heavily lean on the latter. 

Proud members of the local community – we are fiercely proud to be from Sarasota County and love working for its residents!

Where Can You Book Us?

If you do not live in Sarasota, you can still count on us in the towns nearby:

What Do Our Customers Think About Our Performance?

“I booked Veneti Maid Pro for my move out cleaning and have only superlatives to share. Highly recommend them!”

— G. Vasquez, Cocoanut Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236

“You deliver the best carpet cleaning results I have seen – and the price is awesome, too!”

— P. Hubbard, Harvard St, Sarasota, FL 34237