Beginning August 1, 2012, Venice Cleaning & Maid Service will begin offering grout cleaning & sealing service to new and existing clients throughout Sarasota County, FL. We will be using a time-tested process that produces great results. So many of our clients have asked us to offer this service, and now here it is! By offering this great service to our customers we are even closer to being the most complete home cleaning service in the area. In addition to grout cleaning and sealing, Venice Cleaning & Maid Service also provides: full-service house cleaning, express maid service, deep cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, cleaning packages for seasonal residents, window washing, and more. In Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, Englewood, and North Port you ma
10/13/2013 07:05:32 pm

Which is include in domestic cleaning ? And how much charge for a full time maid for domestic cleaning?

10/20/2013 02:49:40 pm

I just purchased a Shark hard surface steam cleaner. My hardwood floors have been refinished about 8 years ago and are still in very good condition.The shark owner's manual is very short without too many tips or precautions. so share your ideas....

1/30/2014 05:43:26 pm

i like your cleaning service which gives better satisfaction for me Really i have appreciate this service Nice blog Thank For sharing Such as blog Really i m awaiting such as blog for long time

7/27/2014 05:18:14 pm

Great Post!!
Cleaning services provided by you is great. We at Capital Equipment provides industrial floor sweeper services to its clients at affordable price. We are based in Australia.

2/10/2015 03:41:43 pm

In my opinion it's great that you decided to include this new service. I think it's a big improvement and I would definitely consider you when I need it. I always prefer professionals even if I have to spend some money.

3/5/2015 11:18:47 pm

We will consider using some of your services. Thanks for existing :)

7/30/2018 09:40:21 pm

Fabulous blog and the article as well thank you so much for sharing

3/12/2020 02:34:36 am

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